Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh (2ce)

Solo 1:
Every praise is due our God
Nations will rise and worship you.
You never change ancient of days
Your kingdom reigns forever more

Obioma chimo onyewem
Chineke mo, onyewem
Okparakiti, odogunaha dikenaha (2ce)

Your kingdom reigns
Forever and ever
Remains the same
Forever and ever
Forever and ever

Solo 2:
Mountains they skip at the sound of your voice
The seas will roar and hail your name
You are God all by yourself
In splendor and power, you reign on high

Obi oma chimo onyewem
Chineke mo onyewem
Okparakiti, odogunaha, dikenaha ( 2ce)

In splendor and power
All glory and honor
Is to you forever and ever amen
You reign in victory
All nations will worship
Forever and ever amen